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Machine Learning Doesn't Have to be Just Another Buzz Word, Make it Real with Sigmoid Hacks!

January 15 - 18, 2021 @ Your Computer!

Sigmoid Hacks is a 3 day hackathon. Hackers, programmers, and makers come together to Sigmoid Hacks to create epic Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning projects.

From Hack Club!

Beginners Welcome!

Student Led!

Amazing Prizes!


- How much does it cost? 💸

Nothing! Registration and attendance are 100% free, swag, & workshops included. We'll even have prizes for the top scoring teams/individuals! And you're online so you never have to leave the comfort of your own home!

- Who can participate? 🔭

All students up to university are welcome.

- What can I make? 🤖

Anything! Related to ML? Need ideas? Come check out our workshops!

- What if I’m new to ML? 👾

At SigmoidHacks, complete beginners are not only welcome, but expected! Learn as you go with our intro workshops & mentors.

- Do I need a team? 👨‍👧‍👧

Nope! You’ll have an opportunity to meet fellow hackers and make teams of up to 3—find some new friends, bring yours, or work alone.

- What should I bring? 🧳

We're online this year! Stay home and remember to use your laptop!

- Who runs this? 👨‍🏫

We’re independently-organized by high schoolers, sponsored via a nonprofit called Hack Club.

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Our valuable sponsors allow us to create a quality experience for our participants

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SigmoidHacks is primarily run by a few students at Hack Club.

  • John Lins

    John Lins Lead Organizer. Workshop Host. Finance.

  • Damian Musk

    Damian Musk Co-Lead Organizer. Workshop Host.

  • Eric Zhu

    Eric Zhu Co-Lead Organizer. Marketing.

  • Luke Parkhurst

    Luke Parkhurst M.S. Co-Lead Organizer. Workshop Host.

  • Aditya Rawat

    Aditya Rawat Co-Lead & Web Dev.

  • Claire Wnag

    Claire Wang Co-Lead & Designer.